Monterrey - Orchestra concerto of the UANL under the baton of Raul Gutierrez

A. Fernández / VIDA, Mexiko
Es un pianista de la más alta escuela
A pianist of the highest school

Octobre ha estado colmado de conciertos de primer nivel y éste fue uno más de ellos. Los atractivos de esta velada fueron la presentación del gran pianista Robert Lehrbaumer. ...
En el Concierto No. 25, de Mozart, Lehrbaumer dejó claro que es un pianista de la más alta escuela. El conocimiento del estilo clásico quedó demostrado desde que se sentó al piano. El sonido cristalino, la ligereza y finura de su digitación fueron los más claros indicativos. No faltó cierto halo poético totalmente en concordancia con el espíritu de la obra. La orquesta tuvo tambien una pureza mozartiana que completó el rigor de la interpretación de Lehrbaumer.

In October concerts of the highest standard took place and this was a further one on this list. The highlight of the evening was the performance of the magnificent pianist Robert Lehrbaumer. In the Mozart piano concerto Nr.25 Lehrbaumer made clear that he is a pianist of highest school. He demonstrated his style of the classical music from the moment touching the first key, proved by the crystal sound and the ease and fineness of his touch. A poetic breath wasn't missing, in a perfect agreement with the whole work either. Also the orchestra itself had Mozart's purity which exactly corresponded with Lehrbaumers interpretation.

E. Derbez García / TEMPORADA, Mexico

Ofrecen velada Ilena de lirismo y sentimiento
An evening full of lyric poetry and emotions

Tras la obertura "Las creaturas de Prometeo" de Beethoven, la parte medular del programa, combinó dos claves: una de las maravillas que Mozart creó para el piano, su Concerto No. 25, KV 503 y la depurada capacidad técnica del solista, ya conocido del público regiomontano, Robert Lehrbaumer. Lehrbaumer proyectó como es la música de Mozart: cristalina, sugestiva, Ilena de poderoso encanto y de honda expresividad que refleja diversidad de sentimientos. Al final, el público que motivó al pianista a salir al escenario en tres ocasiones, recibió como encore una obra de Chopin, aunque` sin el acompanamiento de la orquesta.

After Beethoven’s “Las Creaturas de Prometeo” the middle section of the concert evening was characterized by two components: once by Mozart's wonderful piano concerto of No. 25, KV 503 as well as by the extraordinary performance of the soloist Robert Lehrbaumer, already well known to the audience. Lehrbaumer interpreted Mozart's music crystal-clearly, easily remembered, full of charm and deep expressiveness which made the variety of the emotions sound in this work. The audience still got a solo encore of Chopin.



St. Pölten (Austria) - Meisterkonzerte - ensemble "die reihe" 

C. Priplata / NÖN
It would really be useful if a musician had more than two arms. He could then conduct himself and the orchestra as well. Robert Lehrbaumer can do his with two arms. The conducting pianist played such a fantastic "Rhapsody in Blue" in the municipal hall at the first master concert of the season that even George Gershwin would have been amazed.


Washington D.C.

Pianist Robert Lehrbaumer offered demanding solos by Franz Schmidt, Schubert's A Minor Sonata and Liszt's devilish transcription of Schubert's "Erlkönig", where he showed good stamina and endurance...
Lehrbaumer tackled Schubert's "Wanderer Fantasy" with spirit, drive and well-thought-out thematic shape. The Impromptus, Op. 90, contained a lovely legato line, natural and unfored. Three preludes of Robert Schollum, receiving their American premiere, and Jeno Takacs' "Toccata" showed an excellent technical facility and sensitive touch.


JOE MC LELLAN, out of a broadcast-report
"Schubert, Schubert, Schubert"-Festival Washington D.C. :
"I was particularly impressed by pianist Robert Lehrbaumer, whose "Wanderer" Fantasy had a combination of musicianship and brilliant technique, that I will long remember...


Vienna - Wiener Musikverein - Festival "Berlin-Vienna" - Solorecital

W. Dobner/ DIE PRESSE, Vienna
The sparkling, jazzy rhythms left behind an especially deep impression... Lehrbaumer worked out brilliantly complicated structures with twinkling transparency, with such a joy for virtuousity...
He proved his interest in rhythmic finesse as well as his talent to visualize complicated structures, clearly demonstrating melodical variety and returning modulations, finally to reveal the typical "Viennese". It goes without saying, that to do so requires a high degree of manual ability.


"Incredibly amazing virtuoso"
The highlight was doubtless a top-standard, breathholding performance that thrilled the audience, that will remain long a memory in Bangkok's music life: The Vienna-born pianist gave a most convincing performance of a really authentic Schubert.
Lehrbaumer's combination of intellectual vigour and poetic insight show a high awareness of proportion and feeling for inward expressive detail....he revealed hidden surprises and conquered with amazing virtuosity: thunder-like octave-notes in fast passages like rain-drops falling on a row of tuned glasses - everybody sat there and marveled at the power and passion of his playing....

Vienna - Wiener Festwochen - Wiener Musikverein - Solorecital
Lehrbaumer enriched the festival program: world premieres formed a contrast to Schubert, Brahms, Chopin and Liszt. One was amazed at brilliant runs, splendid chord-lines and pathos.

"Piano recital was impressive"
He was a great success: a talented Austrian pianist with refined manners, who kept the audience literally bewitched by his playing for more than two hours. His Mozart-Sonata No 8, KV 310 was graceful, vivid, with cordial warmth and of a charming simplicity and tenderness, while jazzy pieces like Schulhoff, Joplin, Previn revealed his ability to perform modern piano music with impressive virtuosity and great appeal.
We had the feeling, this musician greatly enjoyed playing this classical jazz-style music. He ended his recital with Mussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition", where he carved out wonderful configurations of sonorous splendor, using impressionists sound effects to paint fine pictures.

Vienna - Wiener Musikverein - Wiener Symphoniker - Conductor: Leopold Hager
F. Endler/ KURIER, Vienna
... performance of high musicality by Lehrbaumer, whom one expects to meet again with great pleasure...

Festival Cervantino Mexico
EL NORTE/ Mexico
Concierto No 2 de Brahms:
With how much viguour and keenness did he delineate the accents...never exaggerating in expression, Lehrbaumer delved into the depths the last rapid movement he unfolded all the elegance, virtuosity, and precision of his style. After prolonged applause, Lehrbaumer performed a Schubert "Impromptu" as an encore. His version was so splendid that one wished him to appear as a soloist very soon again.

Vienna - "Jeunesse musicale" - Wiener Musikverein - Solorecital
G. Rosenthaler / AZ, Vienna
Schubert's "Wanderer Fantasy" - a beautiful interpretation of the wounded soul, an extraodinary evening... Lehrbaumer forces utmost concentration; really stunning, how much he is familiar with Schubert's deepest soul.

Herrliberg / Switzerland
...But what really gave brilliance and greatness to this freely streaming concert filled with lively impulsive joy, was the soloist Robert Lehrbaumer who devoted himself with inner fire and the striking clearness of crystals to his solo part. Out of his superior mastery of the score he was always conductor and soloist at a time which resulted in a splendid precision in sounding together.

Vienna - Wiener Konzerthaus - Solorecital
W. Sinkovicz / DIE PRESSE, Vienna
Most of all, he loves Schubert: ... With Schubert's late "A-Major Sonata", Lehrbaumer does not fear ambiguous notes, ventures long adventurous distances, which the composer makes him travel with open eyes: He does not hide anything.
One hears the music as eager, confused, fascinating or frightened. The next anniversary should not be the only occasion for inviting Lehrbaumer to perform this music by a Viennese composer.